Carly Ivan Garcia uses bold color palettes to express a dreamlike urban language.  His playful compositions and energetic gestures attempt to converse with the paradoxes of his place within society and self. 

Garcia has been represented in New York City by Tinca Art Inc., Art Now NY and AHA Art Gallery, and in San Francisco by Zener Schon Gallery and Rocha Art.  His work has shown internationally in both gallery exhibitions and art fair presentations, and has been acquired into both national and international Private Collections.  In 2010, ten works were selected for the motion picture film, Touching Home, starring Ed Harris, where they were featured prominently as the paintings of the film's protagonist.  In addition to his own work, Garcia has curated several large-scale art exhibitions in California featuring emerging and established American artists.  

Carly Ivan Garcia currently works and resides in Marin County, California.



“I like to challenge the boundaries of art and my own boundaries of comfort.  Even today my best work results from me pushing myself further and constantly developing and evolving my neo-abstract style. My work is personal and I wish for the viewer to develop their own individual experience with each of my pieces. I create art exhibits, shows because I want to encourage discussion and dialog. Everyone has a different interpretation of my work. Some can find it incredibly personal and connect it to events going on in their lives. Provocative art should especially foster debate. The very nature of art is intertwined and inseparable from freedom of expression.” –  Carly Ivan Garcia



“Carly’s contemporary, neo-modern abstract works incorporate an urban language that appeals to modern society. His colorful, expressive and bold styleCarly’s works pioneers a new direction in abstract art, his works are illustrated by multilayers of shapes, bold strokes and sketches that pull the viewer into a vortex of dynamism and color.”Terra Firma Gallery, 2012

“[Garcia's] work is alive, there is a free-style to his painting that inspires good vibrations and happiness. He constructs landscapes of modernity with a gallant use of thick paint.” – TincaArt.com, February 1, 2010 NY

“Carly Ivan Garcia (CIG) also is a respected curator in the San Francisco arts community. Overall though, his work stands out in a world of contemporary art overload. Carly Ivan Garcia is most definitely a breath of fresh air in the world of abstract art.” – Warholian.com

“Carly Ivan Garcia is a prolific artist as well as a creative visionary who knows no bounds. The colorful abstract expressions that make up his artwork convey human emotion, behavior and thought which surpass any art seen as of yet.” – DigInMag.com

Most importantly, Carly Ivan Garcia’s work ignites courage. The courage to express ourselves with vindication and the reassurance that each one of our own artistic visions has merit – an innate gift no-one can ever take away from us.Introduction: James Watkins | Interview: Geoff Darrow.“


CLIENTS / PRIVATE COLLECTORS                                 

Eric Fogle – Founder of Colorbender Art Torrington, Wyoming

Denise Kelly – Gallery director/Management, Hawaiian Islands

Christine Breit – Director of Resident Services Oakland, Ca

Christine Rheinhardt – Associate Director of Development,
San Francisco Ca

Aness Pongi – Jewelry By The Bay owner

Joey Gross – ArtNowSF CEO / Founder

Logan and Noah Miller – Filmmakers

Jeremy Zajonc – Producer

Danielle Molinski – Gallery director

Tully Hedley – Hedleys Inc.

John Leo – Co founder of Fountain Art Fair

Catinca Tabacaru – Curator and Art Consultant, New York

Laurence Gartel – American Artist, “Father of digital art”

Ed Harris – American Actor, writer and director

Adam Reed Rozan – Audience Development Manager,
Oakland Museum of CA

Foster City Marketing Firm

Linda Spohler – The Spohler Foundation Inc.

Sharam Bijan – San Francisco and Marin County Restaurateur